Why WEST SYSTEM Epoxies? WEST SYSTEM Epoxies have been used successfully in boat construction and repair since 1969. Developed by our in-house chemists, our epoxies formulations are proprietary, structural and marine grade. These epoxies set the standard for epoxy quality in the marine industry and beyond. Epoxy brands vary widely in their formulations, quality of raw materials, and suitability for marine environments. It’s easy to market an off-the-shelf industrial epoxy as a marine epoxy or formulate an epoxy with one or two favorable characteristics while sacrificing overall performance. It’s much more difficult balancing all of the physical and mechanical properties necessary for a versatile, high-quality marine grade epoxy. This is why Gougeon Brothers, Inc., maintains highly qualified in-house chemists, testing facilities, and formulation equipment. WEST SYSTEM Epoxies have always been developed, formulated, and manufactured in our Bay City, Michigan plant by epoxy users who are enthusiastic about epoxy quality and ease of use.